Friday, April 22, 2016

Playing Tips Clash Royale Can You Know

Many games can be played on smartphones one of which is the game Clash Royale. Clash Royale is a game made from the supercell is also famous for other games are like Clash of Clans is also today widely played online strategy game lovers around the world. Game Clash Supercell Royale slid after the success of the previous game Clash of Clans.
Clash Royale is a real time strategy game that requires an internet connection during play. This game attracted a lot of attention to the game lovers around the world. Many gamers are addicted to play it. Clash Royale has the gameplay interesting to play, where the game can make you compete with other friends in the clan.
The main objective of the game Clash Royale is to defeat the enemy by destroying the enemy tower to get the star. There are three towers that must be destroyed to get 3 stars. In the permainanya need defense and attack strategies. For information, here are some tips in playing Clash Royale for beginners who want to try to play the exciting game.
The following tips in Play Clash Royale for Beginners
Gems for Buying Chest
In the game Clash Royale there are gems that can be obtained free of players by opening the chest or also crown free chest. Function Gems in this game is that it can be used to buy gold or can also be used to buy the treasure chests. Besides gems can also be used to accelerate the opening of Chets and other things. Though gems can be used for more profitable things like buying a treasure chest as Giant Chest, Magical Chest, and also Super Magical Chest.
Combination Card Balance
Tips Clash Royale next play is to try to combine the card balance. When fighting enemies, try to use a combination of cards that balanced between defense and attack. Make sure first that the card you are using is compatible with the methods of game you play. With defense and attack will certainly be more balanced. You can use a type of attack from land, air, or can memgkombinasikannya.
Upgrade Card Level
Tips Clash Royale play next is to upgrade the card. Suppose your card is barbaric and it allows for the upgrade process level then do not hesitate to immediately upgrade. Upgrade level on the card will make the forces become stronger either attack or attacks tergadap durability. Additionally when upgrading the level of the card then the player will gain EXP which can increase levels of the level of the players.
Join the Clan
Tips next play is to join a clan. When you have reached level 3 or above, preferably joining a clan. There are many advantages possessed by joining a clan. That advantage can make a donation card in return for gold, request a card, can make sharing with other players, and lots more including pertaruangan could also do with friends in one clan without losing troophy.
Complete Archievment
In the game Clash Royale are Archievment that can be solved players. Through this archievment players can earn gems for free. But to accomplish archievment it takes a long time.
Thus was the discussion about some tips in playing Clash Royale could you know. For more tips is to know the weaknesses of each force, to defeat the enemy.


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