Thursday, April 21, 2016

How Bold brows with Natural Ingredients

Alis be one part of the face are also in need of care. Eyebrow embroidery trend today is rife in society, especially those of women. For eyebrow embroidery will certainly spend a little amount, but to thicken eyebrows can actually capitalize on natural ingredients. Using natural materials certainly has many benefits like low side effects up to great savings badget,

By utilizing natural ingredients to thicken eyebrows regularly certainly is equally good as eyebrow embroidery that requires funding not less. So the question is what are the natural ingredients to thicken eyebrows? Immediately to figure it out, see the discussion below.

Here's How To Thicken Eyebrows by Using Natural Ingredients


Kemiri is one of the natural ingredients that you can use to thicken eyebrows. For those of you who maintain healthy hair in a natural way must have been familiar with pecans. Kemiri is already known since long that have benefits to help in the hair thicken and helps thicken the eyebrows naturally. For how to thicken eyebrows by using pecan is easy enough to burn a hazelnut advance until charred. Then after that mash until smooth and then grab the oil.

Use a cotton bud to help extract oil from hazelnut then did olsekan on the eyebrow to thicken your eyes. For maximum results, you can leave it overnight and then rinse the next day. More you frequently perform treatments with pecans, the faster the results you get.

Aloe vera

How to thicken eyebrows by using natural materials next is to use aloe vera. Aloe vera or which has the scientific name Aloe vera is widely used to help promote hair growth. But in addition to these benefits turn out aloe vera can also be used as thickening the eyebrows naturally. To do also not so difficult that by taking Jely on aloe vera and then apply on the eyebrows. Do this at night and then rinse with clean water in the morning. For maximum results do this way regularly to help thicken your eyebrows.

Coconut Oil and Orange Lemon

The next way to thicken eyebrows with natural ingredients is to use a combination of coconut oil and lemon juice. Both of these ingredients can combine to assist in thicken eyebrows. For how to use, mix the two ingredients together between lemon and coconut oil. After the second mixed material, then use a cotton swab and then take a mixture of both ingredients that have been dissolved overnight to be smeared on the eyebrow. Do this before bed at night.

Castor oil

How to thicken eyebrows with other natural materials is to use castor oil. Castor oil is powerful enough to be used in thicken eyebrows by using natural materials. For those of you who have thin eyebrows then could try to use castor oil. For his own way is also quite simple, namely by rubbing castor oil on your eyebrows then gently massage within 2 to 3 minutes. Afterwards, let stand for about 30 minutes before rinse with water until clean. Perform this natural way every day to get maximum results.


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